CA PC Tune-Up

CA PC Tune-Up 2.0

Scan your computer for problems that are slowing it down


  • Scheduled scans
  • Easy to use
  • Each scan area explained


  • Slow
  • Very few configuration options

Not bad
PC tune-up programs are a bit of a Pandora's box - everybody is interested in what they might do to speed up your computer, but sometimes you're just not prepared for the amount of 'problems' they'll find. And, of course, most paid programs have strict trial version limitations which mean that they'll find problems, but not fix them.

CA PC Tune-Up is no exception. The app has a nice interface and is very easy to use. The program scans 4 main areas - Speed, Stability, Security and Performance. It provides a brief description of its actions as it progresses, and ends by presenting you with a report on its findings. Unsurprisingly, in my experience, you'll have to upgrade to the full version of CA PC Tune-Up in order to actually repair any of the problems found.

So far, CA PC Tune-Up seems like many of its competitors, with a few negative differences. The program was slow and buggy, and has very few configuration options. Installation was slow and required an email address, and the last step of the scanning process - Report - will only let you proceed if you fill in a survey. Luckily for us, there are lots of PC tune-up programs out there, which means that there are plenty of ways to avoid the misfortune of having to use CA PC Tune-Up.

CA PC Tune-Up is an uncomfortable, limited program with overly strict trial limitations.

CA PC Tune-Up


CA PC Tune-Up 2.0

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  • by Anonymous

    No 64 byte Reboot.
    I would expect this program to reboot my 64 byte from the menu. However, I must reboot manua...   More